The Cottage In Flames Single

by Necropsyk

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There's a monster
A wicked sick fucking disease
Bent on its wish to use twisted souls
Of murdered children to make its plan bare fruit

Little ones of tragic pasts
Come forth thy children, grant my wish
Little ones of tragic pasts
Spread this plague across the land
Little ones from broken homes
Help this cyanide enter their lungs
Little ones left all alone
Misery shall be blessed until the end

Dripping blood in the cauldron
Black liquid bubbles forth
And an awful stench
Stagnates the air

With a mighty explosion
The creature is thrown back
The cauldron is overcome with a grotesque cancer
Bursting forth vile mucus and pus

Black smoke billows forth
Its coats her form transforming her
Into a diseased carcass of festering boils and maggots

Over its shoulder you could make out the faint outlines of two girls
One in white and one in red
Smiling and crying as their eyes melted
And vomit poured

From their mouths

Souls of tormented children
Turned violent craving for the blood and tears of the world
And everyone who hurt them
Hatred is what they want and death they will achieve


A young man chopping wood in the forest
Hears the popping pustules
And seeks an answer to the cries and maggots oozing from the hut

He discovers
Ax in hand
His eyes widen in horror at the disgusting vision
Stumbling back he tries to escape
Chopping the extended fragments of their shattered souls he runs away

Heaving at the smell and retching at the sight
An evil has occupied the forest
He runs into town but no one seems to listen
Looking down at his ax
he knows what must be done

Confronting the monster he grips his weapon of choice
Until he hears the voices of two little girls
Sweat loosens his grip
Taking advantage of his distraction the monster grabs his throat

You think you can cut me down?
You think you will rise triumphant?
Do yourself a favor and give yourself a pinch
Because i'm afraid this just isn't a dream

Cut me!
Kill me!
Fight me!
You'll lose

Knowing he would die
He strikes up a torch and sets himself afire
A sickening pop is accompanied by a wail unlike the townsfolk had ever heard
The went to see but only could find the forest

Engulf his flesh and taint the skin
Make him wail like a violin
Suffer with your ghastly sound
Until its heard from all around

Avoid his ax avoid his flame
This shall be his end of days
Succumb to our endless night
Feed our endless apatite

Feed our endless apatite!


released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Necropsyk Boise, Idaho

Created by the lead singer Osiris Morte in the cold month of October, Necropsyk has come to take the world by storm. Featuring dark lyrical themes, heavy guitars, and bone chilling symphonic elements.

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