And With Her Came Calamity Single

by Necropsyk

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Hello little children
I have a story to tell
Regarding twins in red
Named Peter and Jane

Good ol Peter and stubborn Jane
Were both born on April the 8th
It was just another day in quiet road island
Besides the screaming infants born
Addicted to heroin

Their parents were junkies
Fighting over the last bit of dope
Until the twins were taken
And put in an orphanage

Beaten till broken
Run by a tyrant
Poor Peter and Jane grew up
Whipped and hated
Beaten and broken

Jane had a dress
A pretty red dress
She loved that gown
Almost as much as she did Peter
It was found by the children and
Ripped apart in front of the girl
Left crying holding the remains
Of the once bright red fabric

There there said peter
As he patted her head
We shall escape this prison Jane
I have thought up a plan

We shall leave tonight
And get our revenge
Mixing poison into the soup
They waited till supper had ended

And as they left the building
As the screams floated high
To the rafters
Of the orphanage

Through the forest
Sister crying
Snow is falling
As they make their escape
Voices calling angrily

As theyre running through the forest
Eager to escape
Eager to escape

Run, run, run
Run, run, run!
(While you can!)

Wolves are howling
As the sun is setting
Hope is failing
As they make their escape

And lo an exposed root catches her foot
Tripping her as they run
And the wolves jump at the opportunity

Brother fights them off valiantly
Until they're driven off
Bloody oh so bloody
His wounds threaten his sanity
As he tries to calm his sister

Without anything to eat
They nestle in a hollow tree
Wishing it would all end
Wishing it all would end

Until she awoke to find her brothers lifeless body
Lying in the snow
Cold and dead

Peter wake up
Wake up Peter
Peter please
Wake up!


Driven mad by the loss of her brother
She forgot the life she had and even her name
She discovers an old house and suspiciously looks through the window
To see a young couple sleeping on the couch

She knocks on the door and the couple answer
Shocked to find a little girl covered in blood unable to speak
Terrified they slam the door and they leave the little girl to succumb to the cold
Blocking it out of the memories

Ignorant to what they had done
That young couple
With smiles hiding their deed
Shall buy a new home

Forcing their sin into hell
No one is aware of the curse they hold deep
And no one will

For a specter of a girl
Snatched from her home and left to die
Haunts their very beings
Haunts their very souls

Soon they notice things out of place
The walls creak and moan
Tossing and turning all through the night

First a scream
The walls drip and warp
The two awake to find their dog dead
Completely obliterated

In a frenzy they think someone is in the house
And they aren't wrong
The husband tells the wife to stay put

Walking down the hall
A novelty bat in hand
He sees a bouncing ball
And a girl dressed in red

She smiles ever sweetly
And begins to shake
Sway sway
To the music in her head

The bat now bloody falls to the floor
And whats left
Paints the walls
A sickly red


released April 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Necropsyk Boise, Idaho

Created by the lead singer Osiris Morte in the cold month of October, Necropsyk has come to take the world by storm. Featuring dark lyrical themes, heavy guitars, and bone chilling symphonic elements.

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