The Hell of Icarus

by Necropsyk

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Next is the filthy coming album from the project Necropsyk. The first record titled “The Kings of Zion/The Queens of Gehenna” was featured on the Core of Brutality as well. This record has a whole new dark feel to it than the first one, not that I want to go back and forth comparing them but it really is quite a few notches above the first album. “The Fall of Icarus”album comes in a regular and deluxe version under the title “The Hell of Icarus.”

Now both versions of the album start the same for the first dozen or so songs not including the remixes. I find myself looking deeper into the record for more vocal hooks and very intriguing melodies to excite my mind this time around. The clips that play at the beginning of a few of the songs are eerily and add this special effect when the music kicks in and just when you get used to the feel of the song the clip comes in shadowing some like guitar riffs is straight up bone chilling. At times the spoken word of Osiris Morte sounds vaguely familiar to the likes of Marilyn Manson, It adds a nice dose of creepiness to the album as well.

A few things to note: the production is on par with many great sounding records. The lyrics are in your face and cover many generations of death and horror. Osiris Morte does this all on his own and I am very impressed with what is being achieved here.

Prepare for yourself for Necropsyk like you have never heard him before.


released June 1, 2014

Thank you Michael Conn of Recording Lab who mastered the album, if you need mastering work I highly recommend it

Thank you Scott Buffaloe who got me into this and helped me through thick and thin

Thanks Nathan Snyder who has helped me time and time again to make sure everything was perfect

Thank you Terminal Reactor for your kick ass dubstep remix

Thank you Viril Nfectr for you absolutely bomb remix

and thank you Lazarus Black for getting the ball rolling and making one hell of a remix as well

And finally thanks to all future people who help me on this journey



all rights reserved


Necropsyk Boise, Idaho

Created by the lead singer Osiris Morte in the cold month of October, Necropsyk has come to take the world by storm. Featuring dark lyrical themes, heavy guitars, and bone chilling symphonic elements.

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Track Name: Calamity Trigger
Hate the world, and trigger the end.
Smelt all life, and Souls will descend.
Grim in appearance, the reaper of life.
Death comes with a swing of his scythe

The unraveling powers cannot be unspun
And screams of the dying will not go unsung
Panic filled crowds fill once empty streets
As explosions run rampant with debris at their feet

Change of heart, love for a fool
Unexpected events ouroboros overrule
Overwhelming pain, body will crush
Remove all restraints, power influx

Halt all systems, destruction denied
Power restrained, azure redefined
Blaze with fire, a light burns blue
The Calamity Trigger, reaper undo
Track Name: Subcell System [-TERRANOVA-]
Attempt creation, the creation of gods
An all knowing system, creates echelon
Technology incarnate, brutal in form
Heartless and calculating, Life it will scorn

Beauty in terror, truth be revealed
Count all your blessings, and confront the fiends
Incredible passion, leads to an end
Wipe the dept clean, for your life's Guillotined

Like Limbs of a dismembered poet
Even one hair can erode the denoted
Shape the stone and craft the veins
Visions are blurred and tensions are strained

Transform the rift, a weapon of void
Rebellion confirmed, Terra destroyed
Caustic tides distort and hide
they Wipe and kill, the butterfly
Perfection made complex and known
Rewrite the scales and remove the bone

Subcell System Terranova

Et Disiecti membra poetae
Etiam capillus unus habet umbram
Even one hair can erode the denoted
Limbs from a dismembered poet

Caustic tides distort and hide
they Wipe and kill, the butterfly
Perfection made complex and known
Rewrite the scales and remove the bone
Track Name: A Calling Ungodly
Awaken the catatonic feelings
The psychosis of becoming one
How can I suppress this dread
When the world has

I Saw! The pillars fall!
Dreams of evil infect the thrall
I must face my demons
persevere until completion

The nihilistic halo covets the body
and the hate effects the mind
pump him full of drugs ungodly
And the screaming will subside

Brave the neurotic storm
And tear away the veins
Stand above the rest
And eradicate the pain
Become more than human
Wish the procedure well
Grit you teeth in acceptance
endure the living hell

Awaken psychosis, Neurosis, the catatonic feelings
Suppress the fear/ the dread/ and become more than human
Track Name: Tactikal Reassessment
Cybernetic reconstruction
Replace the sludge with veins of metal
Bleed forth iron cores and consume the system
weakness suppressed cyanide capsules!

Purge all flesh a Tactikal Reassessment!
Create a symphony of steel and metal!
Melt them down, create anew

Transform the world with a process tabooed!
Cut up the limbs and reassemble with haste
A portrait of perfection shall be reshaped
Track Name: Lull of Valentine and Valkyrie
I hold these broken shards to gamble and trade my life away
To free my mind and body to rid myself of this decay
I fade through shattered pieces and stain the ground a sickly red
Tear out my wings and claim your own until I am all but cleansed

These are my apparitions that surround me in my cage
until the world goes silent, I am left with hate and pain
my love no longer found, my frame no longer mighty
My body hears no more the Lull of Valentine and Valkyrie

Diverge the flow of life with a serrated razor blade
A lack of impression, all feelings they obliterate
Try not to dive to deep, an accidental suicide
All you want is to feel, somethings are never satisfied

Diverge the flow of life with a serrated razor blade
I hold these broken shards to gamble and trade my life away
until the world goes silent, I am left with hate and pain
these are my apparitions that surround me in my cage

my love no longer found, my frame no longer mighty
My body hears no more the Lull of Valentine and Valkyrie
Track Name: Children of the Night
A Turn of the century, the ground bleeds, with red blood turned black.
Soot smears the filthy faces, of the children waiting for salvation.
A fixation on the useless, the stagnation, a tragic misconception
Hope for a day never coming, the mind strays, until it has faded away

Crowd every numbing crevice.
You wont be safe inside
You have been proven guilty
This will be rectified
There is no gain in failure
Their lives are in your hands
You yourself made those choices
Now justice they demand

Heathens swarm ruined churches, desecrating, once proud Steeples
The congregation has been tainted, mutilated, from what it once was
Deserted pews fill cathedrals, like a needle, they Steal life until dry
Hope for a day never coming, the mind strays, And you are the cause

Fools, the shibboleth shall destroy you
for change you are afraid
End, Hell is what awaits
it will encase you
Track Name: We the Keepers of Fate
Boom boom damn damn, watch the age, the fall of man
Save the children from the fools, take control and fuck the rules

We are an enigma of reality
Purveyors of life's secret duality
A hidden fox with eyes on the passing
Tipping the scales and damning the crafty

Keepers of fate
Servants of time
We shall decide who lives and who dies
Absolute power belongs to the gods
But like fire found, its stolen and robbed

Decrepit sarcophagus of social disorder
Rebuilt in our image, We shall stand stronger
But why not let chaos run rampant and raw
Freedom and order will no longer be law

Wrath and fire, lightning and death
Bite of the wolves, the lords shall caress
Steal power from kings, a rebuttal confirmed
The gods are no different, and you shall all burn.
Track Name: The Black Plague
1348, A year we know well, a plague to conquer all the lands
All hope I will dispel
I came to cleans the world with a death as black as night
few will escape the wrath I bring, hide by the candlelight

Death am I, for you will all die
I'm the harbinger of doom a force you cant deny
I move with the sea but I can set you free
dig graves bow your heads, this I do decree

Death, I am death and horror will be known
Kill, kill them all. fill the catacombs
Eternal Ive become, a power with no equal
I come with a vengeance strike down the feeble people

God I am, with beauty like the dawn
you shall know my name, for terror ive become
infect the skin with growths and sores
my kiss is just divine, millions fall at my feet, never again to rise.

I demand attention, my words, they are law
Sleep my friends with dreams of bliss
fall into the gaping maw
Track Name: Optivus Callixtus
Blacken the skies with the torment of millions
Demons rejoice at the sound of the dead
Angels will cry with the fall of their leader
Gods be defiled corruption is bred

Descend into darkness
Apocryphal left hidden
Broken body mutilated
Well destroyed disposition
Found discarded in the night
Asterius secret buried alone
Pity Callixtus a fool betrayed
Give praise for a papist unknown

Blacken the skies and worship the flies
Fuel the flames the patron of graves

Sardinian Slave patron betrayed
Martyred with fire a corpse will remain
A fuel for the timber a show to behold
Screaming shall start with a papist dethroned

Legionnaires laugh at pity
Death is but a common thing
Join the few that do not care
Venite de homanis
Track Name: Rebirth of a Nightmare
Blackness has enveloped and corrupted my reality
The dark infects my mind and cloud my very sanity.
If I should stay I fear I will be forever lost
I am losing; I am drifting into oblivion.

Perceptions! Permanent cessation, suicide of all reason
Distorted judgment craving a notion of self.
Nightmare! a pilgrimage of innocence.
Gestation of the eyes watching terror unfold.

We walk the verge between salvation and calamity
The heavens pull against the putrid thorns of agony.
Disinclination shall arise; and bring about the end of days.
Drawing patterns in the sky we wont be silent, we wont obey.
Track Name: Bring Forth the Apocalypse
chose Angel or demon for I am not either
to save the world or end it together
to be a savior, and armies command
or can you live with their blood on your hands

the flesh of the dead begin to decay
as they move towards the end of all days
together they kneel and worship the end
as one they chant Bring forth the apocalypse

Bring forth the apocalypse!

I chose the end! The end of all days
smite all who stand before me,
false idols and hypocrites, It doesnt make a difference
Kneel! for I am your god!
Together they will bow and bring forth the apocalypse

Bring forth the apocalypse!
Track Name: The Black Infinity
behold, the red star rises,
a shell of its former self it collapses
unleashing the demon held deep within
corruption incarnate the worst kind of sin

Descend into the blackness,
a place where not even light can escape
creating a hole with dark symmetry
the black infinity!

Beneath the waves your body will drift
an apparition of a age long past
the ghosts watch the collapse of reality
sucked in by the pull of gravity

Watch the end of space and time
watch as all world will die
watch and hear the symphony
Watch the black infinity