The Chaos Breed

by Necropsyk

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With the chimes that accompany a ballerina in a sadistic music box, Chaos Breed opens up the album with a dark tone and harsh vocals. The hard hitting electronic bass that comes in spontaneously managed to floor me in every sense possible. The adjacent placement of the lighter elements to darker tones brought out a terrific outing for the album.

Driving forth more of an EBM derived beat, though not just solely sticking with that genre as more club elements manage to break out, the tracks turn up the volume and delivers a high octane element that you can certainly dance, if not, stomp to. The vocal work presented here is superb, and on spot in every instance rung out in the whole album.

With an electro-industrial feel slamming out, the clash of classical instrumentation with modern day technology boasted a pretty energetic and unique song. Diving into electronic territory, Necropsyk pushes forth another wonderful album that's backed by elements of trance. More approachable for a wider audience, that is fast and fun.

With a renewed frenetic energy ebbing off, chemicalutilized the pitch perfect lead vocals to switch between energized and fast vocals to more held notes, all the while the beat never loses its hyper tension.

Metalzine 'M' Rating Outta Five:

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released October 31, 2014

Thank you Garrett Hutcherson for mastering this album!



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Necropsyk Boise, Idaho

Created by the lead singer Osiris Morte in the cold month of October, Necropsyk has come to take the world by storm. Featuring dark lyrical themes, heavy guitars, and bone chilling symphonic elements.

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Track Name: Divergent Menagerie
Distaste fills my mouth with a flavor unpleasant
The words you speak are like poison
The sheep blindly follow unaware of your lies
Jump off a cliff if you told them.

Like a barrage of bad weather you batter the people
Too stupid to think for themselves
For up on your podium they hang on you words
And clash with the nonbelievers

A statesman you are, and a damn good one at that
They worship your every whim
A magician of sorts weaving spells with your words
Those who disagree, Isolation

Divergent menagerie
Gather and lay waste
Anarchy unsatisfactory
For we will not join the norm

We shall stain the white walls
with the color of uprising
Hold fast,
they will bend to our call
Track Name: I Am Sovereign
Hail hail
I am your sovereign
Hail hail
Praise your lord
Hail hail
I am your superstar
Hail hail
I am your god
Hail hail
I am your Christ
Hail hail
Kneel and give homage
Hail hail
I am your one and only
Hail hail
Bow before your leader

Grow intoxicated in the world that I've created.
You look in the cracked mirrors unable to see the truth
Lies are all you see
Dreams fade to black
You let them die
You let your dreams
Fade away

Free your wings held back with strings of cast iron,
Fly away in the world that I've created
Limitless possibilities are at you disposal
All I ask of you is this one request...

Give yourself to me

Your ruler walks among you
A black cloak trails behind his gait
Bow down and kiss the ring
Behold his mighty visage!
Give your life in service to the king
Punish and serve the will of might

Look at the stars, the sun and the moon
Bow to the almighty sovereign
Oceans part for the king,
Look down or be struck where you stand
Track Name: Sempiternal Harbinger
They ride through the night carried by a flame
Slaughtering the living, they join the ranks
Traveling with speed on horses undead
Decimate the many bathe in bloodshed

They are the soldiers of terror
They are the scorned and the frayed
They are the riders of zephyr
And will not stay their blade

Decaying flesh so sweet and divine.
A message of death carved into their spine.
With eternal strife, one must rise, devise a solution
And save this world deified

Hush little sister, go back to sleep
You're safe while I watch the black sky
A promise I couldn't keep, a sin I cant repay
They will bleed with their undead fucking lives

Lo, one shall rise, like a king from his throne
Alone he shall save them all, discover a weakness unknown
Beautiful miasma, with wings of steel, and rage
He will end their reign and screams and carnage

You took the only fucking thing I cared for in this world
You're mistake now I have nothing left to lose
Ill chase you, I hate you, Ill carve your fucking skull
Ill find you, destroy you, until there is nothing fucking left!



The riders of wind will charge
Like an illusion in the fog
He will strike like a blade carried by angels
Ruin reperfusion blare the horns of cherubim
To the cries of their execution
Track Name: The Chaos Breed
We are the chaos breed
Sworn to a violent creed
Feast and bleed kill and cleave
Slice the flesh and plant the seed

Unleash the beast deep inside
avoid the power and lusty call
to free the demon sanity lost
humanity falls, the Zenon thrall

Feral state sharpens the mind
Manipulate and coarse humankind
Drive to the heart place the bone
Create disorder and seal the tomb
Track Name: Gamma
Transcendental decay of matter, assault the body
Radiation type gamma, transmute the atoms
Give them a mind all their own
Growth uncontrolled, catharsis renewed.
Invoke a paradigm shift as the picture fades,
Features burn and dissipate
Track Name: The Land of Failed Dreams
Welcome to heaven though only in name
Bathe in the soot and violent splendor
Sell your soul for fountains of fools gold
Continue the generation of sin and greed

America once beautiful the lands of failed dreams

Where men dump toxic poison on what once fruited plains.
Profit it seems filled all of their dreams where will the children play.
America have mercy on us Lord
The man it seems who filled our dreams wasn't Christ but Henry Ford

Demons of hell lie safe in our halls
Sticking fingers in places with hopes to enthrall
Corrupting the world with visions of peace
Their game is exposed, their truth is deceit
Track Name: Parasitic Revival
Attack the marked vital mutation, insecticide revival
Spray the crop damning the flock with false memories
Harming unarmed people with a charred starved discharge
Wash the skin, scrub red and raw

The taint runs deep
Compromising generations

Wash the skin, scrub red and raw

Carnal consumption, genocide and rebirth
For we are the ones who truly rule this earth
Free their will, become one with the hive
Bask in the bliss, together we thrive

Spread your wings, awaken, take form
Burst from the flesh, prison consume
Transform the host, subjugate this plane
Take over their mind, direct control assume

Flaws in the fine print, life unhinged, thinned
Inject the syringe
Sleep parasites, for the good of the world
While the real filth grows on capital hill
Track Name: The First King
I am the demon unconquered
The deacon of heathens
Glory untold is my history
Crushing your soul with hellion artillery

As I steal you life
I watch your skin wither away
None can resist the king
my decree you will obey

For I am Bael! First king of hell
Power of God's are mine to control
My rise they foretell in the coming end
Take the word of this demon immortal

The autumn winds call death like an ever glowing orb Attracting the souls of my prey, collapsing in on themselves
Breath in that sweet aroma.
Hopeless they float steadily to their doom.

Hellfire pours forth from the abyssal planes
As I sit on my throne of filth
I Wear a cloak of skin flayed from my enemies,
A bloody beauty, while I crush legions

Sedem auferet Orcus ossibus primus
First king of hell take your throne of bones
Glutiam caro vivens in praedam et mundo
Swallow the flesh of the living and rape this world
Track Name: Misanthropic Existence
You will never see the light
You are destined to let them down
You will forever disappoint
You will be haunted

until you die

Endless anxiety not helped by the voices
Forever tormented by these self proclaimed prophesies
You can't escape what isn't there
Like a carnival of insanity trapped inside your mind

Once upon a time the demons remained silent
Once upon a time the world held wonder
Once upon a time this carnival held nothing but hope
Once upon an time

I was free

Infinite medication, the solution to everything.
Causing more problems turning everything to shit.
No amount of pills can fill the void left behind.
No amount of drugs can fix my head

There is just no fixing it
There is just no fucking fixing it

Looking at this sad existence through a window full of soot
Watching our brother's give their lives for a country not worth saving
Painting this vision with colors now faded. I need to relearn how to fucking live.

I was free
Track Name: This Stygian Void
Seep into your veins like a black dye infecting the petals of a once white rose.
Encounter this true emptiness with open arms like a lover meets his other half
You find yourself lacking without it
Yin without its yang
But it is all a lie
Sweet despair scorching the tongue
A simple reminder that life will come to an end

Take your soul to this empty place
Minimal inception keeps your mind at ease
Consume the darkness become one With
This Stygian Void

In the end.
A hope for a better life will fade
In the end.
Like the stars you will turn to dust
In the end.
Salvation will be out of reach
In the end.
Fate was wrong.

Keep your head above the flowing tide, only fate knows how this journey will end.
Burned alive by perfection, or swallowed by this river of darkness.

The medium required for survival is found by few.
Hold still as you navigate this empty vessel, unable to see, trust fate will guide your way.

The stars will fall one by one, the strings that hold them snapping under the weight of wishes placed upon them. Wish may with all your might, but in the end, the sky will go dark.
Track Name: These Vacant Whispers
We can not escape,
This simple fear of being alone.
That sickening feeling.
Of returning to an empty home

Look at the sky
The cloud condense, grow dark, and strained
As the droplets fall we close our eyes
Arms outstretched we get lost in the rain

Get lost in the rain

Whispers fill our head with insecurities
Prophesying failure to already pointless endeavors.
She is too good, you will fall short of expectations,
It is a lie, give this up now,

Alone you will die, something lingers in the mind, a parasite of courage breaking free.
Make the attempt, hold your head high,
and prove yourself.
The gods will watch in awe.

You will be the rain, persevere, soak the ground in your blood, sweat, and tears.
Put forth the effort of the gods and you will fucking strive. Saturate the air with the pain, necessary to succeed, do this well and you will be, you will be fucking free.

Whispers fill our head with insecurities
Prophesying failure to already pointless endeavors.
She is too good, you will fall short of expectations,
It is a lie, give this up now,

Alone you will die, something lingers in the mind, a parasite of courage breaking free.
Make the attempt, hold your head high,
and prove yourself.
The gods will watch in awe.

Something lingers in the mind,
a parasite of courage breaking free of its bonds.
Make the attempt, hold your head up high,
and prove yourself.
The gods will watch in awe.

You are good enough, you will blast a hole in the sky,
the lie is not trying, restore the hope once lost,
they will know you fought.
I fucking swear to god.

We can't escape
This simple fear of being alone.
That sickening feeling.
Track Name: Elysium Injections
Sample biochemistry from petals of innocence.
Fuse the elements into a solution of greatness
Evolve this frail body into a vessel incarnate
But at what cost, your mind is now lost

Trapped inside this body I can no longer control
I struggle to free my mind in this cage
The terror I feel is something you cannot know
My blood runs stagnant with rage

Destroy these bonds holding me captive
Break free of this infernal addiction
Elysium is calling
Injecting this mirage into me

The shelter of angels are singing their song
But I won't heed the infectious melody
The sirens song falls on deaf ears
The effects are failing, or so I fear
Track Name: The Persephone Ascension
Sail through the rays of our first star
Hail the ocean mist as woodwork burns
Nail down the loose boards cracked from the onslaught
Fail to overcome the ever-growing tides of war

Sweet Persephone, beaten and battered by the waves and cannon fire
Ascend the stormy waters like the goddess before you
Now hidden by the ocean floor
Become a dark tomb for your crew
Track Name: 2.718
Archaic miasma, the fundamental equation
Withholding secrets to life eternal
Here it stands, spitting anarchy
The event horizon, wormholes to another galaxy.
God damn the entire race, we must start anew.



Dedication through desecration, revelation with escalation. Cretin regulation, territory reclamation, solstice eradication.
Remove the weed, recede into the shadows, bleed the limbs until the virus succeeds

Blur the convex lens with a particulate solution, wipe out the filth to see new life again. Intelligent mutate of the double helix, a tier above the founding creators, dominate and demand progress, terraformation, transformation, inevitable.

Fuel the machine, an engine forever in motion. Broadcasting eternity with digits flowing, wordless. Time passes by, no end in site. The Mindless creation
a transcendental beauty you cannot conceive

Dedication desecration, revelation escalation. Cretin regulation, territory reclamation
Dominate and demand progress
Titan biotic horizon
Mutate the equation
only we will strive
Track Name: A Spark of Retribution II (You Will Suffer)
A pale eye now blind to the world
Scarred from his descent long ago
The price he paid to save his love
Cycilia his joy, his pride, his soul

The queens will welcome damnation
Gehenna will grow
A spark of retribution they will bestow

The wind howls, his fingers grow numb
A sting in the scar from a wound not forgotten.
The hiss of the blade, the smell of burnt flesh.
He will never forget he will never forgive.

Over and over
Again and again

He returns to pay his fee,
To make right the wrong.
To make them suffer
They will feel his pain.

Like rain falling from a blackened sky
They will descend from grace.
Beaten, torn and dashed away
We descend in flames
Track Name: Gamma (Alternate Track)
Transcendental decay of matter, assault the body

Radiation type gamma, transmute the atoms

Give them a mind all their own

Growth uncontrolled, catharsis renewed.

Invoke a paradigm shift as the picture fades,

features burn and dissipate

In flame! A black border grows as it is consumed.

Memories released fall away

with the scent of smoke. Invoke a paradigm shift

The hospital bed becomes heavy with the added weight.

Bodies never to be moved

Unless in death. Stagnant air floats stale and lifeless.

A wilting flower without water to survive.

Transcendental decay of matter

Armies attack the infection!

Slaughter the destructive cells with hopes to see another sunrise.

Look death in the eye, middle finger held high!

And laugh at the necessary anguish.